Meet the team

The key of our success

Novo Space was founded by two seasoned engineers frustrated by the lack of reuse in the space industry...

With over 30+ years of combined experience working with rad-hard technology in big satellites and consumer electronics in SmallSats, they embarked in an adventure to develop high-performance, rad-tolerant, modular electronics for the most ambitious new space missions. Scroll down to meet the people whose minds and hearts are making Novo Space a reality!


Rodrigo Diez
Rodrigo DiezCEO & Founder
Facundo Jorge
Facundo JorgeCTO & Founder
Michelle Kort
Michelle KortOperations Officer
Andrés Demski
Andrés DemskiLead FPGA Engineer
Sergio Sirota
Sergio SirotaLead Hardware Engineer
Federico Armesto
Federico ArmestoHardware Engineer
Federico Bua
Federico BuaFPGA Engineer
Malena Müller
Malena MüllerHardware Engineer
Martin Nani
Martin NaniMechanical Engineer
Alan Vekselman
Alan VekselmanFPGA Engineer
Tomás Mazur
Tomás MazurHardware Engineer
Sergio Locaso
Sergio LocasoHardware Engineer
Marcelo Regueira
Marcelo RegueiraHardware Engineer
Sebastián Milhas
Sebastián MilhasSoftware Engineer
Santiago Arribére
Santiago ArribéreFPGA Engineer
Leandro Pirovano
Leandro PirovanoHead of Finance
Victor Stalla
Victor StallaHardware Engineer
Antonio Fondevila Revelli
Antonio Fondevila RevelliSoftware Engineer
Lucas Kammann
Lucas KammannHardware Engineer
Agustín Loza Montaña
Agustín Loza MontañaMechanical Engineer

Advisory Board

Kerri Cahoy
Kerri CahoyAdvisor, Space Systems
Mike Galluzi
Mike GalluziAdvisor, Supply Chain and Manufacturing
Federico Hernández
Federico HernándezAdvisor, Business and Finance