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Working at Novo

Tech revolution!
Innovative technology
Novo Space is a vibrant startup developing high-performance, radiation-tolerant computers to support the growing need for autonomous systems, machine learning in space and other data-intensive processing technologies.
High impact!
High future impact
The stuffs we build together will be the heart of future weather forecasting, geolocation, earth observation, and communication satellites, and will help humankind improve life on this planet and conquer other planets in our solar system.
Flexibility in mind
We work in a flexible manner, with daily core working hours that go from 10 am to 4 pm. The staff complete the rest of their commitment in whatever way works best for them – nobody is counting.

Our selection proccess

We carefully review all application submissions
Initial contact
If your profile matches our needs, we proceed to contact you
General Interview
First general interview to get to know each other
Technical Interview
Second technical interview about the area of your expertise
Closing Interview
Final interview to define last details
Communicate decision
Regardless of our decision, all interviewed cadidates will receive a response

If you applied for a specific job opening but were not selected,
feel free to apply again for future opportunities!